Kids in the Kitchen: 18 Yummy and Healthy Recipes

Kids in the Kitchen: 18 Yummy and Healthy Recipes

Cooking with my kids has always been a joy, a messy time, but a very memorable time. As a mom of three very picky eaters, I have tried so many “kid-friendly” recipes, kid cookbooks, recipes found on the internet, etc. Honestly, I haven’t been the best at making my kids try different foods or try them multiple times. I’m sure you have heard the saying; “kids need to try something 10 times to determine if they really like it or not.” Well….., being a picky eater myself hasn’t helped me encourage my kids to try new foods. I have had to get very creative to make sure they (and myself) get the nutrients we all need. Hiding veggies in smoothies or sauces, adding flax seed to pancake mix or muffin mix, putting mashed up fruit in yogurt popsicles, etc.

Years ago, a friend of mine gave me a book she was given through WIC called Let’s Cook with Kids. She told me that her kids loved the recipes and I should give them a try. This book has some yummy and healthy recipes. It also strongly encourages you to have your kiddos help in the kitchen. Every page has a “Did you know?” section that explains how and what children learn by helping in the kitchen. Here are 18 recipes that my kids actually liked and enjoyed helping make.

Fruity Pizza

DID YOU KNOW?…. Letting your child spread the peanut butter on the pita allows them to develop their skills and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Banana Berry Smoothie

DID YOU KNOW?…. Encouraging your preschooler to pour their own smoothie helps develop their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Egg in a Nest

DID YOU KNOW?…. Children who eat breakfast tend to be less tired and can focus and learn better in school. Help your child build healthy habits. Eat breakfast every day!

Banana French Toast

DID YOU KNOW?…. Using an egg slicer to cut bananas is a fun and safe tool for kids to use.

Mango Smoothie

DID YOU KNOW?…. Any smoothie can easily be turned into a refreshing frozen treat. Just fill up little paper cups, add popsicle sticks, and put in the freezer for a few hours!

Monkey Muffins

DID YOU KNOW?…. Coming up with fun names for food can sometimes get little ones to eat it.

Chicken Fingers

DID YOU KNOW?…. Baked chicken fingers have fewer calories than fast food chicken tenders, which are deep fried.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

DID YOU KNOW?…. Shredding the chicken and carrots ahead of time makes this a quick and easy dinner to toss together at the last minute.

Pita Pizzas

DID YOU KNOW?…. If your child is picky about eating veggies, sneak them into the marinara sauce. Simply steam, puree, and mix in with the sauce.

Mac and Cheese

DID YOU KNOW?…. If your child is super picky and will not eat this recipe with pieces of cauliflower, try taking an extra step and pureeing the vegetable. This takes extra time, but well worth the nutrition.

Chocolate Fruit

DID YOU KNOW?…. If chocolate thickens, just remelt in the microwave or thin with a little oil. Also, dry the fruit before dipping.

Sunset Popsicles

DID YOU KNOW?…. You can use this recipe to teach a little science to your child. Talk about how the popsicle starts as a liquid, freezes, and then melts again when you eat it.

Apple Enchiladas

DID YOUR KNOW?…. Granny Smith apples are the most popular all-purpose cooking apples. Their tartness goes well with sweet flavors.

Peanut Butter Crunchers

DID YOU KNOW?…. This recipe is a great sensory experience for your children. Let them squish the ingredients together in the bowl with their hands and then form the balls.

Cloud Pudding

DID YOU KNOW?…. It is not safe for young children to be near a hot stove, so use this time to teach them kitchen safety.

Strawberry Smoothie

DID YOU KNOW?…. If this smoothie is a little tart, use lowfat vanilla yogurt instead.

Frozen Bananas

DID YOU KNOW?…. Counting can be fun! Ask your child to count out the popsicle sticks.

Cinnamon Oranges

DID YOU KNOW?…. Use this recipe to introduce counting and math with your younger children. Count the orange slices as you put them in the bowl.

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